The new grounds of publishing

Leipzig Book Fair 2016 had a record 195,000 guests
Leipzig Book Fair 2016 had a record 195,000 guests (photo: Uli Koch)

Last week marked my annual attendance at the Leipzig Book Fair. My first impression at the Fair this year was, "so many people!". The numbers confirm; according to the organisers, 195,000 guests were counted at the fairgrounds (in 2015 there were 186,000), while for exhibitors the show recorded a minimal decline this year of 2,263 (2015) to 2,250 (2016).

"The book and its makers were needed more than ever as a key media. Readers and listeners sought and found facts, analysis, opinions and experiences and to current social debates in particular to immigration and integration. " Martin Buhl-Wagner, CEO of Leipziger Messe

Because the Leipzig Book Fair places a strong focus on the relationship between publishers, authors and readers, it’s the perfect place for Booktype to be. Between the crowded aisles of the Leipzig Book Fair, I had many interesting talks with self-publishers, service providers and publishers about the benefits of Booktype. As a software, Booktype improves the workflow between authors, publishers and distribution/production, building a bridge and encouraging exchange at all stages of book production.

Another trend at the fair seemed to revolve around the marketing of books through multiple channels. The fair even had a specially designated area called “Neuland 2.0” (New ground 2.0), where publishers, distributors and startups presented new concepts for the distribution and promotion of books. Bringing content to readers via all channels provides them with a new experience and enables books to be shared on multiple levels. This new ground is a place where the potential of Booktype can be maximised! In Booktype, content from various sources can be easily compiled and edited, and then exported ready for publication for all kind of media - both digitally and on paper (we’ve said it before, the keyword is: “Single Source Publishing”).

This new technical framework now gives publishers the possibility to better exploit existing back archives by re-editing and publishing them in a new context. The automatic layout is created by the system, so that the editorial process can be handled collaboratively and without media breaks completely in the browser.

Last but not least, the book fair was a reminder of how Booktype is able to aptly meet the cost requirements of a wide variety of publishers, especially the big group of small publishers that traditionally attend the Leipzig Book Fair. For them, it is important that Booktype is able to cut the costs of production, minimise their efforts and allow them to focus on what they do best: find new talent and produce great books.

Next year’s Leipzig Book Fair will be held in Lithuania from March 23-26, 2017. We look forward to seeing you there!