Booktype 2.1 - functionality meets design

The new Booktype image editor in action
The new Booktype image editor in action

We’ve got some great news for authors, editors and publishers. The latest Booktype release is here! Booktype 2.1 brings new and improved functionality for collaboration and communication as well as enhancing the look and feel of your books. This release is the true intersection of functionality and design.

If you are new to Booktype, get yourself up to speed on the features by reading our 2.0 version release announcement. This 2.1 release builds on the major feature additions of Booktype 2.0.

Besides many smaller bugfixes and technical improvements, 2.1 includes several features requested by our users that help improve the book writing process.

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Here’s an overview of the release highlights

  • New and beautiful layout designs
  • Commenting functionality
  • Image editor inside the book
  • Additional standard output format XHTML (besides print and screen PDF, EPUB2/3 and MOBI) 


Better layouts with themes

The way your book looks starts your reader on their journey. If they get off on the wrong foot, it can be hard for them to get back on track. Yet many authors struggle to get design right. That's why we believe ready-made Booktype themes are so important when creating your book.

A theme is a compilation of all the design elements required for different book output formats, in addition to the appearance in the editor. A theme is composed of font types, sizes, line spacing, indents, and page layouts. You can read more about themes in our blog post on creating automated layouts.

The new theme support in 2.1 enables us to easily add new designs to Booktype. (There are now three themes in the standard setup, with more available on GitHub). Using a new theme and updating the design of your whole book is as easy as one click.

One of the themes available in Booktype

The 'modern report' theme

Another one of the themes available in Booktype

The 'typwriter' theme

Edit images where you write

Another essential addition to the look and feel of your book is the use of images. In Booktype 2.1, we are excited to release an image editor that works directly in the book editing space. The image editor enables you to resize and crop, zoom, rotate, and flip images as well as adjust brightness, contrast, saturation and blur. No need to open another application; you can now write and edit images collaboratively in one spot.

The new Booktype image editor in action

Adjust brightness, contrast, saturation, crop, rotate and more within the book editing space.

Cooperate better with comments

Feedback and discussion is invaluable during the book writing process. Booktype already supports live author and editor chat with notifications, but sometimes you need to leave a comment to be resolved later.

In Booktype 2.1, you can take your collaboration closer to the action with an in-text comment functionality. This new commenting feature enables authors and editors to discuss the text inside the books while working on them, just like in Word or Google Docs. You can mark words, sentences or whole paragraphs, and comment on them. Your colleagues can reply to these comments and close them, if appropriate.

This type of in-text feedback enables you to have important discussions right where the writing takes place, even across time zones when real-time chat is not an option.

The new comments feature available right in the text editing space

The new comments feature available right in the text editing space

To learn more about these features, view our updated manual for all the details.

Support for international publishers just keeps getting better, too. We’d like to thank our translators for contributing new or updated localizations of the Booktype interface: Kjetil Nordengen (Norwegian), Besnik Bleta (Albanian), Peter Baumgartner (German), Ivan Satsiuk and Yury Buldakov (Russian), Hiroyuki Anraku and Raoul Breugelmans (Japanese), and Seongho Jang (Korean).

As a note to all our current customers, your instance will be updated to Booktype 2.1 over the next few weeks. To install Booktype on your own server, or contribute to the source code, please download it from GitHub.

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