Elevforlaget: students write and publish their own books

Elevforlaget is an online educational resource for students to write and publish their own books. | Wikimedia Commons
Elevforlaget is an online educational resource for students to write and publish their own books. | Wikimedia Commons

Reading books changes lives -- quite literally. A 2002 OECD study shows that reading for pleasure is the single most important indicator of a child’s future success. Other research indicates that when children read fiction, it improves their ability to be social and empathise.

However, reading is not the only way to bring children closer to books. Harnessing the power of books to transform lives and enrich communities, the Norwegian Publishers’ Association partnered with Kopinor, the Norwegian Copyright organisation, to promote Elevforlaget, an online educational resource for students to write and publish their own printed books and e-books.

Translated into English, Elevforlaget means “student publisher”. Using the online platform, students from all over Norway can work towards publishing their own books. The platform is based on Booktype.

We spoke with Elevforlaget project manager Kjetil Nordengen about how Booktype facilitated this project.

- What is "Elevforlaget"?
- Elevforlaget (Student Publisher in English) is an online educational resource where secondary school students can collaborate on writing and publishing their own books. They can turn texts from any subject into a book and publish it in our online library of students’ books. This way they get to write texts for real readers, not only their teacher for the purpose of getting good grades.

- What’s the main goal of the project?
- The main goal is to supply teachers with a free educational tool where students can write texts for a real audience and “get published”. We also hope that by taking responsibility for their own publication, students will gain awareness of issues like copyright and privacy, issues that any publisher needs to be aware of.

- Why did you choose Booktype to develop your Elevforlaget platform?
- We chose the Booktype platform because it was already a good fit for our needs. We then stripped away some functions so that the main focus would be the book editor. We also wanted someone to host and manage the platform for us, so Booktype was a good choice.

- How do you think using Booktype in particular will help you reach your project goals?
- Well, it’s a tool for collaborating and for making a book that you can publish. That’s what Elevforlaget is all about!

- Can you tell us a little bit more what was your experience working with the Booktype team?
- The Booktype team seems to be a very dedicated and serious team. I always get a quick and helpful response from Julian Sorge, and the developers are responsive and efficient in making changes and fixing bugs.

Kjetil and his team are very interested to share their experience in setting up Elevforlaget with teachers and publishing houses from other countries. If you are interested, please get in touch with them!

Since Booktype was designed to streamline collaborative publishing with ease for writers and editors, it easily lends itself to projects like this one. With countless benefits for children’s success, reading and writing not only in the classroom but to outside readers’ eyes opens up new possibilities to enrich communities with the voices of young storytellers.


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