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    We offer managed hosting for companies and publishers. Authors can start for free on Omnibook, our social platform for writing books. You can start today.
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    Import existing MS Word documents or EPUB files into Booktype. Edit content online in the browser and export for print and digital distribution.
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    Multiple authors, editors, proofreaders and other stakeholders can work and communicate simultaneously. This means books come together faster than ever before.


Booktype provides companies, publishers and authors with one place to manage all their books. Activity streams, workflow management, MS Word import, granular permissions and customisable exporting of books keep your content alive.

Store your visuals

Booktype also lets you upload and store all your book visual assets – photos, illustrations, charts, cover art – you name it.

Import word files and ebooks

Import your back archive into Booktype to bring it back to life. Booktype imports MS Word and EPUB files. The structure and assets of your document are preserved.

Track changes

Review the latest changes and current state of your book chapter by chapter, line by line. You can set “Track Changes” if more than one person contributes to or edits your book.

Manage editorial teams

Each book has its own overview page, which lets you see who's working on it, recent activity and project history.

Manage your workflow

Inform your team on the status of your book chapter by chapter. This workflow allows everybody to quickly grasp what’s to be done. Workflows can be customised book by book in the administration view for book owners and publishers.

Quick start

Getting started is easy. Just go to and sign up. Once you have created an account, simply log in and enjoy Booktype.

Go from zero to published in minutes

The Booktype editing screen gives you the tools you need – and nothing more. We've removed unnecessary distractions so you can concentrate on writing and editing.

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