Everything a book can be

Booktype is web based, single-source publishing software for creating beautiful books, reports, manuals and more. An open source platform ideal for editorial teams working on complex projects, Booktype is very, very fast.

Manuscripts can be imported from Word or EPUB files; the finished publication can be exported for short run or litho print, e-readers, tablets, mobile devices and websites, and to Adobe InDesign or Microsoft Word.

Create once, publish everywhere.

  • Write

    The clean, intuitive authoring environment lets you concentrate on writing. For images and formatting, just drag-and-drop.

  • Collaborate

    Authors, editors, and other stakeholders can work and communicate simultaneously, so books come together faster than ever before.

  • Publish

    Booktype software gives you seamless publishing for print and digital formats compatible with all major sellers of e-books.


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